New Day Revenue Cycle Management

Services Designed with Therapists in mind

Personalized, Dedicated, and Motivated, New Day Revenue Cycle Management, LLC was developed with the goal of offering services to Mental Health Professionals that help with the challenges of starting and operating a growing private practice.

We want to help you, so you can prioritize your clients and save time in your day. From verifying insurance coverage prior to the first visit of a new client, all the way to figuring out why that claim got denied, we understand the hoops and hurdles, because we do it ourselves!

Mental health professionals play a crucial role in supporting individuals' well-being and providing essential care. However, behind the scenes, they often face numerous administrative struggles that can detract from their primary focus of helping clients. From checking insurance benefits to navigating rejected claims and patient invoicing, mental health professionals encounter various challenges that can be overwhelming and time-consuming.

We can help!

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  • Check New Patient Benefits
  • Submit Claims to Insurance Payers
  • Checking for EOBs and Reviewing Unpaid Claims
  • Correcting and Resubmitting Denied Claims
  • Posting Insurance Payments
  • Issuing and Posting Patient Invoices
  • Contacting Insurance Payers Regarding Claim Issues
  • Attesting to Insurance Directories
  • Updating CAQH Information
  • Choosing an EHR and Other Tools to Optimize Your Practice
  • And So Much More....

Outsourcing Your Revenue Cycle Management Can Save You Time, Reduce Your Denials, and Increase Your Revenue While You Focus On Your Patients and Growing Your Practice

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Revenue Cycle Management

We can help you along the way with each step of your insurance reimbursement journey. From making sure the clients insurance is active all the way to denial resolution! Outsourcing saves you not only time, but the unease that comes with doing it alone.

Tailored Services

Our services model comes from working with therapists day to day in private practice handling the steps of the revenue cycle gaining first hand knowledge. We can help you, because we do it ourselves! Our hands on method of managing our revenue cycle makes sure each claim receives the attention it requires, without sacrificing your time.

What We Can Do For You!

Daily Claim Submission

E & B Verification

Claim Tracking & Follow Up

Claim Correction & Resubmission

EOB Posting

Patient Invoicing

...And More!

Our goal is to meet your needs the way you meet the needs of your clients, so tasks and services can be added based on your what you are looking for! From catching up on back logged claims to reviewing current processes and how you can optimize them to reach your goals, we can work out a solution together.

CAQH Updates

Directory Attestations

Credentialing Assistance

We adapt to your workflow, EHR, and Tools to keep it simple!

We want to make it easy for you, so we figure out a way to lend our skills to your workflow. We can utilize whichever practice management tools you use. It's like having a virtual in-house biller without the cost of hiring a full time employee.

If you are just getting started and haven't figured out the workflow that best fits you, we can help there as well.

We want to see you succeed and see mental health professionals succeed in this growing field while achieving their business goals!

What is Revenue Cycle Management

Revenue Cycle Management is the process of handling clinical data and turning it into reimbursement, as well as analyzing trends and data to better manage and optimize collections and workflows

Patient ​Scheduled

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Eligibility & Benefits Checked

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Documentation & Coding

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Claim Submitted

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Reporting & Process Improvement

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Secondary Claim Submission

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Patient Invoicing

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EOB Posting & Denial Management

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